Summer Scent: Pilot Episode
Review By: Darth Phenom

Ok, check it out guys. Summer Scent is like this drama series from Korea or Japan or somewhere. I think it's probably Korea though because they keep praying to Kim Jong-Il, Emperor of Siam. I realise LTM is intended to be a comedy review site of sorts and not a college course but I consider myself an intellectual always ready to dispense my vast knowledge just for YOU! YOU LOVE ME LONG TIME! FOR FIVE DOLLAR! ASIAN PRIDE.

Since we have already determined this series was in fact produced in Korea, I feel it is necessary to devulge some valuable details on the subject. It's a miracle that South Korea still exists. With China looming to its west and Japan nudging it from the east, it's no wonder the country has played unwilling host to centuries of war games. Poking delicately into the East Sea/Sea of Japan, the little peninsula has proved an irresistibly tasty morsel to its hungry neighbours. But no matter how often they try to swallow it, South Korea, like plasticine, comes out the other end largely intact. Ahem. And there you have it! I think they are also filthy commies but I am unable to confirm this. A gentleman I met on an Internet chatroom apparently defends freedom over there or something. But I think he's just there for the cheap whores he can't afford.

Summer Scent features two highly attractive lead characters. I don't know their damn names because the credits are all in some infernal socialistic left-wing commie hippie pot-smoking athiest pagan heathen coloured towel-head foreign nuclear terrorist language. But they are attractive. The opening theme is quite touching indeed! A melodious soft-rock melody featuring truly heart-wrenching lyrics. I know for certain that love is from above and grows on sycamore trees laced with dewdrops gently graced by a summer gentle rain and can be tasted in the greenest of pears.

Factoid: This is the third drama produced by Yoon Suk Ho based on a season of the year. The others so far are: Autumn Story and Winter Ballad.

No, you pathetic masturbating geek boy. This is not anime. Yes, I am aware it is Asian but it is live-action. Yes, live-action. You can stop reading now. Hah! And there you thought I was getting off on cartoon characters earlier! Truly, no cartoon character could ever beat Marge Simpsons in hot pants.

Learn Korean:

yeoreum (yeo-reum) = summer
hyanggi (hyang-gi) = scent
jangmi (jang-mi) = rose

I enjoy the performances delivered by Min-woo (male) and Hye-won (how could you not tell this was a feminine name? How fucking stupid are you?) I can see them going to great heights east of the Yellow Sea. By the time they are cast for Winter Taste they could be even bigger than Kim Han-woo! I kid you not. But whether they will taste success in the Red Sea and Black Sea remains to be seen. Oh ho ho, such a mastery of the irony am I!

The plot begins on a rather dull note what with some wedding rehearsal and the female lead meeting her fiance at the airport. But by-and-by the excitement is heightened to a canoo in rapids of pink champagne and teddy bears. The fiancee proposes to her but she tells him to wait. What a stupid homo. He thinks he understands women. He thinks she really is CONSIDERING it. Hahahaha. If I were him I would instantly punch her in the face repeatedly before issuing a healhy bukake session on her unworthy harlot body.

I tell you for reasons unbeknown she decides to walk in the mountains infested by bees. Not the bees, Jeremiah! They infect with DEATH. Apparently. I would love to tell you more but that would just be a SPOILER!!!! Yes, ever since the fateful day Ross decided to paste the entire script of AI we here at LTM Towers have had to set strict guidelines upon plot revelation. This policy allows us not to actually watch any of the shit we review and simply write err... nothing. I have shared too much already.

In conclusion, the pilot episode of Summer Scent is entertaining indeed. I have no idea how the fuck you're going to see it though.

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