Will & Grace
Review By: Joe

I hate Will & Grace. It is a very stupid show. I haven't seen a full episode but from what I have seen it looks like utter crapshit to me and I hate it.

One reason I really hate this show is because I understand that people praise this show for depicting gays so well. Oh, yes, they depict gays so very well and that's why they have a ridiculously flaming character on the show that wants to bang all man ass on earth and acts exactly like you'd expect the stereotype of a gay person to act. I realize that Will, not the flaming homo, is really supposed to be the main character (Grace I don't know shit about and couldn't care less) and he acts like a normal human being despite the fact that he's (GASP!) gay. One might argue that it is okay that there is a stereotypical homosexual character in the show because the character of Will acts like the straightest gay man this side of Heterotown and, thusly, they sort of cancel each other out. I, HOWEVER, THINK OTHERWISE!!!

The way I see it is that the producers of this show were sitting around and saying, "Yo, diggy! Let's all be controversial and cutting-edge and make a show starring a homofag! It's the 90's, y'all, and people will be real open and receptive to gay shit like that! We'll make the main character gay but he'll act all normal and stuff so it'll be all PC and whatnot!"

Then another TV executive type said, "But wait! If we have a buttpirate who DOESN'T act like a ridiculously overdone fagsexer, how do we make any funny jokes at all?! WE NEED AN ANNOYING FLAMING SALAD TOSSER TO WORK WITH!!"

The first executive then replied, "I have idea! We keep the main character all normal and stuff but we have ANOTHER supporting character be the stereotyped faggot! He will be the source of all the comic relief and people will be blinded to the fact that it's really just as offensive and non-PC this way because we have a non-stereotypical character in the main role!"

"Wow!" commented another exec, "That will cover our asses completely!"

"Yes!" the big TV boss man said, "The critics will eat it up, the viewers will too, and no one will even realize that, like most white, balding businessmen, we actually hate gay people and are insulting them repeatedly with each episode that airs!"

"And we'll still make lots of money!" some other fag said.

"Yes! That's what this is all about!" said Boss Man, "Money, money, money!! MONEY!!"

Anyway, it might not have happened exactly like that but I feel that it's pretty close. I'm not actually sure if gay people are offended by this show but I feel like the smart ones should be. That's just my opinion anyhow. Regardless of all this gay crap, this show still sucks simply on the basis that it's a sitcom and sitcoms are always stupid, unfunny, and cliched.

On another note, Ross tells me that his brother likes this show and I understand that his brother is very flamboyant.

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