Clerks: Uncensored
Review By: Jeff

Back in the summer of 2000, the Abundance of Baby Consuming or ABC network aired an animated series based on Kevin Smith's popular independent film, Clerks, and then cancelled it after two weeks. So not only were just two episodes shown, but they were done so out of order (Episode Four was first followed by Episode Two). Lucky for us however, the entire first (and possibly only) season is available on Video and DVD in a neat little package called Clerks: Uncensored. The show follows the four main characters from the film Dante, Randal, Jay and Silent Bob (whose voices are provided by their original actors ) as they live out their meaningless lives in the town of Leonardo, New Jersey while occasionally being thrown into parodies of sitcoms and movies.

Those familiar with Kevin Smith's films can expect the same type of humor here only slightly watered down to meet with the network standards and those not familiar will be treated to a Simpsons style of humor with Star Wars references and plenty of gay jokes. The first Season consist of six episodes that are introduced by Jay and Silent Bob, who make up for the lack of swearing and profanity by stringing together a large list of expletives for the listening pleasure of you, the viewer. Now that I've got that done with, here's a brief run-down of the episodes.

Episode One

Leonardo Leonardo, descendent of the town's founder, has returned to open a new convenience store across the street from the Quick Stop while secretly preparing a plan that will bring pain and suffering to all those living in ...New Jersey.

Episode Two

Dante and Randal get locked in a freezer and use the time to reflect on the important events of their lives. In other words, it's a clip show.

Episode Three

In a parody of Outbreak, Randal thinks Leonardo Leonardo has gotten the Ebola virus after being bitten by a monkey from the new pet store down the street. Introduced in this episode is Lando, the wise black man our heroes can go to for advice on just about anything.

Episode Four

Jay slips on some pop that Randal spills and sues Dante and the Quick Stop for 10 million dollars. What follows is a horrifying tale involving the NBA, government conspiracy and the wacky antics of Korean animators.

Episode Five

After thinking he just had gay sex with a drunk Dante, Leonardo Leonardo hires him to coach his little league team in hopes that he'll keep his mouth shut. Meanwhile, Randal gets the highest score on his favorite video game and is soon taken to a secret location in a parody of The Last Starfighter.

Episode Six

Trying to make the show more like the movie, Dante and Randal refuse to leave the Quick Stop no matter what happens.

The special features are the usual commentary/behind the scenes/commercials/trailers that just about every other DVD has. The commentary is worth a listen as it features some insight at just how much of a bitch it was to work with ABC and the Korean animators. Also if you have a DVD player on your computer, then you can watch the shows through a synchronized script/storyboard viewer. With all that said, Clerks was a damn funny show that will hopefully get another chance thanks to the animated movie coming out some time in the future.

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