Review By: Emma

This show needs no introduction, it's one that's plagued us for many years and brought us able minded members of society to tears, and I don't mean tears of joy here. You've guessed it, it's almost every 15-30 year old, Westener's favourite 'sit-com', dare I say it?... oh, okay.. Friends. There, I said it.

As you probably all know the show is based around the lives of six thirty something men and women whose ultimate aim in life is probably to get shagged by as many people as possible. "Why do you think this?!" I hear you cry. Well, it's quite simple, the same thing seems to happen every episode - they all complain about the lack of sex in their lives, whilst getting up to lots of 'crazy' and 'hilarious' happenings.

The viewers need to realise that the characters in Friends are probably never going to wind up married, but instead complain about the lack of sex/love in their life whilst audiences stay gripped, living in hope that one day the writers will finally put an end to the show. With any luck the show will end within the next few years, it needs to be put out of it's misery like a dog with rabies. But they probably won't, the writers and actors are probably enjoying the royalties of the shitty fan merchandise too much and want to milk as much out of it for as long as they can. Talk about cynical cash in.

On the subject of cash, do you know how much fucking money Jennifer "I'm in every hair advert ever" Anniston and her co-stars are making from each episode? And they have the audacity to complain that it's not enough... fuck, they must have some pretty heavy drug addictions there. Allegedly.

One of the other things that pisses me off about the show is that the theme song really does not have anything to do with the content in the show, this may be petty, but hey, fuck you! I hate this show. It quite clearly gives you the impression they are all super friends. Spiffy.

Well, that's what you think until you watch the show and realise that they bicker constantly and have stupid, STUPID arguments over things. Like the episode with the bloody cheesecake, I really didn't want to watch it, but my boyfriend likes the show, so I really had no choice. They fought over a damn cheesecake. This was supposed to be funny. It was lame. I wanted to die.

People I know who are fans of the show seem to like comparing themselves to characters in Friends too. They go around in their little cliques and when something stupid happens, which they find amusing they all merrily exclaim "Oh! That was so funny. You reminded me of Joey in Friends that time he blah, blah, blah". I welcome all people who do this to get a life.

Maybe one day, just ONE day, if we're lucky, Friends will die out and everyone will realise what a pile of crap it was, either that or everyone will say "Ah. They don't make shows like that anymore! It's even better than Neighbours From Hell 19!". Hopefully, the world will never stoop that low. The last episode should be about them finally all getting together for an orgy and consequently dying of a well known STD. Now that I would watch.

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