Joe's Worst of 2004 (aka t.A.T.u. memorial page)
Written By: Joe


1. Four More Years of Dubya - This one's a no-brainer, yes. Like most Americans, I know next to nothing about politics but, like most Americans, I felt strongly enough about this election to vote simply because, aside from all the bad stuff I've heard about him and his administration, the W has always just struck me as a stupid asshole.

We'll probably live through it but it really was a disappointment to me that a lot of this dumb country actually voted for him this time. Kerry was a douche too but at least he wasn't no Dubya. It's frustrating that our election was based so much on religion and gay marriages and not, you know, like people getting killed and stuff? Sorry, I realize my opinions on this aren't particularly unique or interesting so I will stop talking.

2. My MIND - It really did go crazy finally. It was really not fun and definitely never completely recovered. It is hard to live with a crazy brain, let me tell you. I will inevitably have to have it removed.

3. t.A.T.u. NOOOOO! - For some reason, those wonderful Russian kissy girls, t.A.T.u., randomly resurfaced in my crazy brain not too long ago so I decided to do some research on them and their current life situation. It is really quite tragic how much they've fallen out of the public eye! It's actually pretty difficult to find any concrete information on them on the American internet whatsoever but this is about what I've got!

-- The black-haired one that is sexy had a heroin addiction.

-- The black-haired one (she's only 20 years old or so) has been pregnant twice. Once she got an abortion and just recently she had a baby.

-- They've been claiming they'd have a new album at the end of 2004. Yes, sure.

-- There's some anime movie being made about them called t.A.T.u. Paramate or something weird like that and oddly enough the opening is being directed by the guy who did Cowboy Bebop. It was also supposed to be done at 2004's end. Mm-hmm.

-- They are annoyed that their previous agent presented them as lesbians. Yes, apparently they didn't realize what was happening, the poor things! If they do continue on their musical adventure, they will come back with a much less marketable heterosexual don't really know what that will entail. Doing taxes on stage and not getting wet and making out with each other or something I guess.

-- They are either breaking up or they aren't. If they are, the other one who isn't the one with black hair who no one cares about is going to try to get some other ho. If they aren't, they are still claiming there will be a new album...and that new heterosexual image supposedly.

-- They may have never even really liked each other very much AT ALL! A sham you say?! Oh dear! This is very sad.

Anyway, t.A.T.u. has quickly spiraled downward into a pit of unfortunatetude. No one gives a damn about them anymore and I must say I really find that quite tragic! They only wanted to present to the world an image of sexy underaged lesbianism (or they didn't!) and the world only accepted them for a couple months and then stopped accepting them and that is a crime! t.A.T.u. I weep for you!

4. Gracious, that t.A.T.u. thing was long - Is anyone else still reading? Well, whatever.

5. changes hands - Gringo up and flew the coop and came to our smelly country and no one else gives a crap so I'm in charge of the updating now. This means a lot less goes up, if you haven't noticed and if you haven't noticed that means you don't come here particularly often so you are in the majority. Good for you! One could of course make the case that us not updating is actually a good thing but yadda yadda yadda I won't delve into all that much self-deprecation right now. Even though I basically just did right there. You see how it is done?

6. Children - Who keeps making these things!?

7. SCHOOL! - Although some of it is rewarding, college has mostly succeeded in, this past year especially, making me insane, tired, and sad all the time. I've been taking classes essentially nonstop since Spring 2004 (yes, summer and RIGHT NOW in winter included) and won't be done until the end of Spring 2005. Then I'll be out in the real world and absolutely fucked because I won't know what to do with myself. OH OH! LJ SWEETNESS!

8. Anytime I wasn't playing Katamari Damacy - You get withdrawal, you really do.

9. Square dancing - Really now! Who actually LIKES doing this?! The same people who voted for Dubya, that's who! Absolutely awful, soul-stealing dreck is what it is, I tell you! The picture I got here has something to do with furries that I don't understand so it must be gross. I just used it because it has "people" rejecting square dancing in it.

10. Women - I don't understand these at all! Someone please explain!

I'll see you guys later, all right?

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