The Original ZootSuit Clown
Written By: VeeKay The Clown

"Imitation is the greatest form of flattery", or something like that. Well, I have been hearing that phrase quite often lately, mostly from friends, family, and acquainted people. Yes, I am flattered, but a bit of recognition, acknowledgement, even royalties would be nice. What am I talking about? I have been known as The Zootsuit Clown since 1998; I look exquisite and sumptuous in my zootsuit, if I may say so myself. Proud to say that I am the Original Zootsuit Clown.

Lately, people have noticed that other clowns began to appeared dressed in zootsuits. The most obvious, and the best looking (next to me), are the clowns on The Ringling Brothers Circus - Blue Unit. In the show you can see clowns wearing zootsuits, dancing with the beautiful dance girls. It looks very elegant and luxurious. During one set, clowns in zootsuits walk in on stilts. Looks pretty cool.

But that's not all, during the zootsuit clown spectacle, the lovely singer incorporate into her song words that can be found in my Zootsuit Clown website. As clowns dance around her, she vociferates, "Women can't resist a clown in a zootsuit!" And a few other phrases found on my page. I met the clowns, when the circus came to my town. They are great guys. Yes, they look good in their zootsuits, but they do not have my style, moves, or Pachuco charm. Yes, I am flattered and honored by their imitation. A tribute to my wife, and Cab Calloway the Original ZootSuiter, who made me into a Zoot Suit clown.

Zoot Suit, Zootsuit, Monkey Suit, or Pachuco Style; anyway you spell it, there is no doubt that women love a man, or clown, in a zootsuit. A zootsuiter is extravagant, ornate and graceful. He is a ladies man, a dancer; Respectful, smooth, and flashy. He walks around as peacock, proud and flamboyant. Making women feel weak in the knee, as men envy him. I know this from experience. Women just can't resist me; often they throw themselves at me. The only wife throws them back and chased them away from me. She is heartless and mean that way. She does not believe in sharing me, but that is another story for another time.

As a clown I look great in a zootsuit, but zootsuits are not just for men or clowns. Have you seen a woman in a zootsuit? WOW! Have you seen Janet Jackson, Beyonce, or Madonna in a zootsuit? Yes, women do look divinely seductive, attractive, and beautiful in a pinstriped skirt zootsuit, long skirt with a long slit on the side, short skirt or baggy slack -- zootsuit -- ensemble. Then again, women look great in anything they wear. Sorry, my imagination is taking over.

Getting back to my imitators: I hope that future zootsuit clowns, pachuclowns, and admirers, in the future, will remember me, and tell others about "Veekay - The Original Zoot Suit Clown". Songs will be written about me. A movie will tell my story. A mini series will recall my trials and tribulations as the pioneer of the clown in a zootsuit. I wonder if Will Smith, Ewan McGregor, or Orlando Bloom will play me. But I digress. All I want is just a little pat on the head, and possible ($) recognition. Is that so bad?

VeeKay The Original Zootsuit Clown

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