Ed Begley Jr
Interviewed By: Gringo

Fans of Christoper Guest's movies This Is Spinal Tap, Best In Show and A Mighty Wind will already be well aware of Ed Begley Jr. He's had starring roles in hundreds of movies and television shows, done lots of voice-over work and even finds the time to have a genuine interest in environmental affairs. Read what he had to say about his career so far.

Gringo: What was your debut role?

Ed: My first job was on a TV show called My 3 Sons. My first film was a Disney film called The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

Gringo: Your listing on the Internet Movie Database for the movie Hardcore intrigues me. It says you played Soldier In Porn Film. What was the role all about?

Ed: It was a movie within the movie. I was hitchhiking, fully clothed, by the way.

Gringo: I thought you were hilarious in the Son of the Invisible Man segment of Amazon Women On The Moon. Are you a fan of the old B-movie monster movies?

Ed: When I was a young man I loved them. I haven't seen many since.

Gringo: Forgive me, but being British I never saw St. Elsewhere. How did you role in that series come about?

Ed: I went in and read for it and landed the part. It was the best job I have had at that point in my career.

Gringo: Was it difficult to do other movie projects while working on a weekly show?

Ed: Very difficult. It's hard to be in two places at once. I learned this the hard way.

Gringo: If you could recommend people choose just five movies of yours to watch, which ones would you pick?

Ed: The In Laws, This Is Spinal Tap, Accidental Tourist, Best In Show and A Mighty Wind.

Gringo: You've been in the Christopher Guest movies Spinal Tap, Best In Show and A Mighty Wind. Which is your favourite?

Ed: They're all great, but This Is Spinal Tap is brilliant beyond words.

Gringo: If you had to choose just one, what would be your favourite scene from any of those three movies?

Ed: The scene in the storage room in Best In Show. [Ed's character describes the storage room he'll offer Eugene Levy and Catherine O' Hara's characters in place of a hotel room] Why? Because I have a lot to do, that's why.

Gringo: Any word on whether you'll all get back together to do another similar fake documentary?

Ed: I think we will. And the sooner, the better.

Gringo: What's the most difficult thing about your job?

Ed: Getting hired.

Gringo: And the easiest?

Ed: Filming the scene.

Gringo: Throughout your career you've done lots of television and movie work. Which do you prefer and why?

Ed: I like movies better, because you have more time.

Gringo: Similarly, you've done a lot of voice-over work. Do you prefer that to 'regular' acting?

Ed: Yes. You don't have to get into wardrobe and make-up.

Gringo: Is Coming In, due out next year, your directorial debut?

Ed: NYPD Blue turned out to be my directorial debut. Coming In has not been filmed yet.

Gringo: What has your first experience at the helm of a motion picture been like so far?

Ed: I love it. I want to do it again and again.

Gringo: What else is up next for you?

Ed: Raising my four-year-old.

Gringo: You've got a strong interest in environmental affairs. How did this come about?

Ed: I grew up in smoggy Los Angeles. I got fed up one day and that was that.

Gringo: How can the rest of us help?

Ed: Stay out of your car as much as you can. Save electricity, and live simply so that others may simply live.

Gringo: Stalking material now. What sorts of things do you like doing in your spare time?

Ed: I like to garden.

Gringo: Finally, what's the one question we should ask our next interviewee?

Ed: Can Ed Begley borrow some money?

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