Internet Lingo!
Written By: Lauren

In case you live in Louisiana and you don't know what the Internet is or what the millions of awesome people that come online and chat in their cryptic code are saying, and you need to bone up on this topic, then this is a guide for you! Although boning up usually includes some sort of self-flogging.

lol: this is the most common phrase used by Internet chatters, or "socially challenged morons" as I like to call them. lol is overly used and it really has no meaning anymore. Below is actual dialog from an Internet chat room.

Isuckfockenballs: Dude my mom just died!
Iamsowitty69me: lol!
Isuckfockenballs: And then I got stuck in a burlap sack and was beaten with bricks and rakes
Iamsowitty69me: lol
Isuckfockenballs: lol
Iamsowitty69me: lol
Isuckfockenballs: lol

ASL: This means Age, Sex, Location. But its just used by 45 year old fat men in a Star Wars Costume, unknowingly picking up on some 59 year old fat men in a Star-Trek costume from Cleveland both lying about their age, sex, and location.

Cyber sex: (Read above)

BRB: This is often used by people who leave for short periods of time and then later return. brb means that this certain Socially Challenged Moron has clicked on a pop-up advertising free porn. brb= Be Right Back or Beet Red Balls.

There are so many abbreviated words and phrases that it would be impossible (take effort) to name them all. The way things are going Internet Chatters are soon going to be talking in pure abbreviated sentences. So if you want to be the coolest kid on your block you can a) Shoot up some wicked awesome mind altering drugs! (Kids love drugs!) or b) Start a new internet lingo trend. Example:

Imoriginalsexy: hy dud whs ^
Lovesdacock: nt mch
Imoriginalsexy: cl I is m-bating
Imoriginalsexy: swt! Gus wht!
Lovesdacock: wht
Imoriginalsexy: I jst ahsd kasks in my sahd axsa aji uyr 4 sk oak
Lovesdacock: I h8 tht! CckBlck!

Personally I would go with mind-altering drugs, being they are far less brain damaging.

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