Carrie Fisher
Interviewed By: Gringo

Best known to geeks as Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy (the good one, not the new movies), but better known to everyone else as a talented actress, writer and producer, Carrie Fisher has enjoyed years of success in that place called Hollywood. Read what she had to say about Star Trek websites, Kevin Smith and chat-rooms for the over-60s. Huge thanks to Kim Painter for organizing this interview.

Gringo: What was your very first movie role, and was it a good or bad experience?

Carrie: Shampoo - it was fine, though I didn't really have anything else to compare it to at the time, being my first film.

Gringo: Are you tired of people asking you about the Star Wars trilogy?

Carrie: Depends on my mood and the question - but it never bothers me if the question is coming from a child.

Gringo: How did you role in The Blues Brothers come about? Did you enjoy your character's many attempts to kill off Jake and Elwood?

Carrie: At the time, I was engaged to Danny and really good friends with John, so that's how it came about. I enjoyed that role, but it was mostly night shoots, and those guys were rarely there while I was doing my scenes, so it didn't really feel like I was "killing off" anyone.

Gringo: You've done a few non-credited roles (such as the therapist in Austin Powers). Is this something you choose, or is it limited by screen time?

Carrie: Or is something that just falls to me from the sky? I think that's more like it...

Gringo: The trusty Internet says you played "woman kissing on the bridge" in Hook. Is that true? If so, how did that particular job come about?

Carrie: I was doing a rewrite of the script and happened to be on set. That, and George and I just love to make out, hence my role in the film.

Gringo: Did you enjoy your time on the set of Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back? What did you think of the finished film?

Carrie: Kevin Smith is a very challenging conversationalist and Jay has many great stories. I really only post things about Kevin on his website,, so I'll have to refrain from saying too much here.

Gringo: Which do you prefer; writing or acting, and why?

Carrie: Writing because the hours are better and I can do it from home. But acting does have per diem...

Gringo: What do you remember of filming on Graham Norton's chat show in the UK?

Carrie: That it was fantastic.

Gringo: You said on that show you use the Internet a lot - what are some of the sites you regularly visit?

Carrie: Again, Kevin Smith's website. And any Star Trek chat room I can find. The over-60 singles chat room, specializing in gardening.

Gringo: What sort of response do you get from your website?

Carrie: I get a lot of questions about medication. And I get more of a response when I post nude photos of myself. Unfortunately, time does not allow me to be as active in that website as I should be.

Gringo: What's the hardest part about the job you do?

Carrie: Writing? Solitude, deadlines and the general feeling of overload.

Gringo: And the easiest?

Carrie: My schedule.

Gringo: What's up next for you?

Carrie: Well, I have a novel coming out in the spring, titled, The Best Awful There Is. I recently did a few small acting roles - one in Charlie's Angels II, and another opposite Val Kilmer in a film called Wonderland. I host a talk show on the Oxygen network called Conversations From The Edge.

I'm as active as I can be in helping to educate people on manic depression, so I have a few speaking engagements coming up as well. There are a few scripts I have in the works also, including a book adaptation for Jerry Bruckheimer Films, called Shopoholic.

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