Shrink Wrap
Written By: Jeff

If you're a modern day consumer, then there's no doubt that you've purchase something sealed in Shrink Wrap. Yes, Shrink Wrap, the plastic covering that suffocates the new John Tesh CD you spent your snow-shoveling money on. But just what is this miraculous wrapping invention and where did it come from? Aliens? Cavemen? Jesus? No, it came from France.

Created by French scientist Henri DePoix, shrink wrap served to preserve meat for soldiers during the first World War. This process was more of a vacuum seal then anything we would associate with modern shrink wrapping which is done with heat. I know what you're saying, "What is this marvelous invention made out of, Nazi Gold?" Ha Ha Ha, no it's just plastic that's had its molecules stretched under high temperatures and then cooled.

So how does it work? Well just look at the picture below.

1. First the package is placed on the plastic and wrapped.

2. Next heat is applied, this causes the expanded plastic to shrink around the package.

3. Finally, the now shrink wrapped package is ready to go for delivery.

There you have it.

So the next time you buy a video or a CD be sure to give a big thumbs up to our good friend, Shrink Wrap. I just remembered I was supposed to review this so I give it a 54.

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