Blazing Saddles Competition: Photoshop Winner
Chosen By: Listen To Me

Back in October, this site gave you the chance to win a copy of Mel Brooks' fine comedy, Blazing Saddles, on DVD. All you had to do was stop being fat and lazy for five minutes and come with either a funny caption or a funny Photoshop manipulation crazy-thing of the image below.

Easy, huh? You'd think so, but the number of entries that contained the words "fags" and "gay" were even higher than I'd expected. Still, each to their own. After much careful deliberation (read: sending an email to all the site's staff and getting impatient when a few didn't respond), a winner was chosen for both types of entries.

Below, you can see the image above but - DUN DUN DUN! - possessed by wacky and turned into the winning Photoshop entry. Exciting! Below that, you can see a long, boring list of the other entries which we didn't choose. Oh well! Better luck next time. NEXT TIME, GADGET, NEXT TIME! Repeating text = a winner always.

Translation: This ass is too soft, and I am French! Now, my hands smell like ass! Oh my god!

So, congratulations to you, and I hope you're happy poor Gringo's pockets are being emptied to fund your stupid, stupid DVD. As for the rest of you, your entries, which weren't chosen as winners, follow.






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