Introduction To The Best & Worst Of 2002
Written By: Joe

Gringo has been, for quite some time now, telling me to contribute a list of ten of the best and ten of the worst things from this past year, as part of some big pyramid scheme to take down the government that a bunch of crap sites like this one are doing. I, however, have been not doing so and have instead been masturbating which, frankly, is more entertaining, to me anyway. NOW IT IS HONESTY TIME!

I actually wrote my entire best/worst list out one day in my history class. My history professor was a stupid bitch who could barely speak English so I didn't listen to her ever and therefore found her class to be an opportune time to jot down a bunch of entries for my Top Ten Best/Worst of 2002 list. However, the notebook I wrote all this hooslefudge down in was carelessly left back at my college and, thus, I no longer have the list I so wittily concocted that lovely weekday morning. For those of you who care (none), the list consisted largely of personal events/people/etc. from my own life instead of the pop culture references I was expected to put down. The main reason for this is the fact that, although I go to the stupidest school full of dummies ever, I actually managed to quite successfully avoid the majority of pop culture this year. This is probably because I was (at least for the beginning of the semester) living with someone cool who had as much distaste with watching MTV and, well, TV in general so I didn't have to give much attention to all the stupid things happening in our society this year or listen to much of the crappy music that came out either. In other words, I know far too little about pop culture to be bothered to list twenty different things about it. Could I do it if I really thought hard about it and made one iota of effort? Most likely! But I've never exuded any real effort in my life and I can't imagine why I'd start now. Also, I think it is funny to ruin this whole concept for everyone else by not following the guidelines correctly. I am a dick.

Now, listen here, since I do not have my old list of stuff on hand, I will right now write a new one. Note that it is currently 1 AM on Monday night which means that it's technically Tuesday which means that it is technically New Years Eve (this is supposed to go up TODAY) which means that I am once again technically cutting the writing of this exceptionally short. Also, I've been up since 9:20 AM today (VERY EARLY FOR ME, VERY EARLY!!!) when I was woken up to go to some goddamned dentist appointment that I didn't even know I had. Shit! Thusly, I do not feel like writing this, nor do I feel like I should spend too much time on it as THE DEADLINE LOOMS! To put it bluntly, this new list I am about to write is going to suck. I am going to fill it with things off of the top of my head, some of which will be from my old list, some which may not even have anything to do with this year at all, and some which may be fake and stupid because, really, I don't care. I am sorry about all the lackluster articles that have been churning out of my corner of the LTM factory as of late. Eventually, when all my real-life friends realize what a jerk I am and desert me so I have nothing to do but write stuff for this site, the quality level should skyrocket right back up to where it was before, in the potty. POTTY! HEE!

I hope you read all of that because it was a very long-winded and unnecessary way of saying that what you are about to read is stupid and will suck and all you had to do was read this sentence here to deduce that. Here we go!!!

The Best Of 2002             The Worst Of 2002

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