Either a house of freaks making up one of the most subversive children's television shows in history, or just a really cheap production with lame scripts and bad acting. Rainbow divides opinion like a, uh, divider. The cause of all this misery? No-one is ever able to decide which Rainbow character their personality most closely reflects. Well, that's all changed! Take this quiz and find out! Do it! Now! Or don't, it doesn't really matter.

Would you describe yourself as...?

a) Naughty.
b) Nice.
c) Old.
d) Lazy, fat and stupid.

You're happiest when you're...?

a) Making fun of others.
b) Making a jigsaw.
c) Collecting flowers.
d) Getting into bed with three wierdos.

You're saddest when you're...?

a) Told to stop dressing in girl's clothes.
b) Getting punched in the face.
c) Stuck with three wierdos.
d) Getting made fun of.

You like...?

a) Toys.
b) Boys.
c) Girls.
d) Getting into bed with three wierdos.

If you could be in a Batman comic, would you be...?

a) Batman.
b) Batgirl.
c) A stupid fat henchman.
d) Alfred.

Visiting friends is...?

a) Lovely.
b) What friends?
d) Another chore the children won't help with.

This website is...?

a) Very good!
b) Super-duper!
c) Fun for the children!

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