Interviewed By: Gringo

There are drag queens, and then there is RuPaul. The versatile performer has made dozens of amusing cameos in some good movies (most notably The Brady Bunch Movie and its sequel), as well as plenty of television work and popular appearances. Never one to fall behind the times, RuPaul has a flashy website, through which I was able to get this quick, five question interview. Immense thanks to Joelle from the website for helping organize this, to Mathu Andersen, the photographer of the picture above (which is from RuPaul's website) and finally to RuPaul for the answers.

Gringo: So is drag still fun for you, or is it just a job now?

RuPaul: Drag used to be so much fun for me. It was a license to act crazy, be sexy and make a political statement at the same time. Now it's definitely just a job.

Gringo: What's been your favorite movie or television show to work on, and why?

RuPaul: My favorite television show to work on was The RuPaul Show on VH1 because the whole production team was like one big creative family. I really feel like that show exemplified my psyche and personality more than any other thing I've done.

Gringo: What sort of response do you get from your website and weblog?

RuPaul: It really goes into three different categories:

1. Kids who are conflicted about coming out or have come out and write to tell me how much easier it was for them having had me as an example.

2. The transgender community who look up to me as a role model and thank me for my visibility.

3. And my favorite of all are the tranny cruisers who want me to send them 'special pictures' that are not already in my gallery. Most of these emails come from England.

Gringo: What were the best and worst things of last year for you?

RuPaul: The best thing was starting up my website.

The worst thing was 9/11. New York is a vital part of who I am and I feel that a part of me was taken away.

Gringo: And how are you keeping busy these days?

RuPaul: I've been recording new music and traveling with my night club show and some other things are in the works that I'm not ready to talk about yet.

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