Margarita Pracatan
Interviewed By: Gringo

Margarita Pracatan and Clive James

Margarita Pracatan is a once in a lifetime personality. Singing with a style that can only be called her own, this New York City resident first caught my ears, eyes and most other senses in the 1990s when I was living in the UK.

Australian raconteur Clive James used to host a talk show called, originally, The Clive James Show. Every week the show would close out with a performance from Margarita -- a singer with more character than a David Mamet screenplay, and more heart than E.T. Thanks to YouTube, clips of her appearances on James' show can still be found online.

Also, here are some fine sound samples of some of Margarita's greatest hits, courtesy of her official website. Take a listen before reading the interview, because it helps reveal just what a unique talent she is.

On with the questions!

Gringo: Please introduce yourself.

Margarita: Hello, My name is Margarita Pracatan! Here I am.

Gringo: How did you get into singing and why do you like it so much?

Margarita: I don't know. By accident. I've always been singing until one day I decided to start doing shows in little clubs. Because whenever I went to parties people asked me to sing. I'm not very good but I just love to sing.

Gringo: You have a very unique singing style. How did you develop your act?

Margarita: I like everything shiny. It's like to be a drag queen. They are happy. With the boas and the jewelry and beautiful makeup. It's just like, "Let's party!." I just like to get beautiful and sing and play my piano. That's it. I've just always done this.

Gringo: Why do you like performing so much?

Margarita: I like it because people they laugh and they enjoy my company. I like that people sing along and when I make mistakes people start getting crazy and laughing. I like that. Plus, it's like comedy singing. I always change the rhythms of the music. I don't imitate anybody.

Gringo: Where have you performed around the world?

Margarita: All over the U.K., especially England, In Australia, Spain and Amsterdam. In the United States, only New York.

Gringo: What was your favorite place and why?

Margarita: I like to perform in England because all of my big, big fans are there. The gay community, they adore me. I am like an I com? An I con? I don't know what you call that but they call me all the time.

Gringo: How did you get involved with Clive James?

Margarita: The people they work for him they told me to send my video to them and they liked it and from then on I started working for them for three years.

Gringo: What are your best memories of your times in the U.K. on the Clive James Show?

Margarita: All of those parties, interviews and meeting lots of celebrities. I especially enjoyed meeting Liza Minelli and Joan Collins. And also Boy favorite!

Gringo: What are your worst memories?

Margarita: When I went on tours around England sometimes I almost lost my dresses on stage. They were falling off. In Edinburgh, while I was dancing to Copacabana, I called about 10 people to come up on stage to dance and I fell off the stage. I hurt my lip and had to get 14 stitches. That was really bad.

Gringo: Can you please tell me a little about the albums that you have recorded and the reception they have received?

Margarita: The albums were very well received. People called me and booked me into their clubs and when they called to invite me to perform I also sold albums at the venues.

Gringo: What are some of the live shows you have performed in that you are proudest of and why?

Margarita: I loved performing at Royal Albert Hall once, G.A.Y. about four times and another great hall, I forgot the name, maybe Elizabeth Hall? I loved those because there were so many people. I think that for me that was the top. The latest great one was in the Canary Islands at the big Gay Pride event. I had no idea I was so popular in Spain and I discovered there were about 25 impersonators acting and dressing like me allover Europe! I love that because now I know that when I die I'm going to stay alive forever. They will remember me!

Gringo: Do you have any new albums in the pipeline?

Margarita: Maybe. I'm working on it and I'd like to make a DVD of one of my next shows that will take place this July in London's SOHO.

Gringo: Are you still performing on cable TV?

Margarita: Of course! For more than 15 years now. Every Saturday at 9:30pm on Channel 56 on Manhattan Cable Television which is also on the internet (at Manhattan Neighborhood Network).

Gringo: What does it mean to you?

Margarita: Performing on cable is like performing only for my people here in Manhattan and I get to keep on performing every week.

Gringo: How long have you been living in New York City?

Margarita: You know when people ask that they're trying to figure your age. I will tell you it's been a long, long, long time I've been living in New York. Where the action is!

Gringo: What are some of your favorite things to do in the city?

Margarita: I love going on walks all over the city, to the Village, Times Square, in Central Park, all over Downtown; I like going to the gym to workout, going to so many restaurants and great bars. I also enjoy going to my church. The music is beautiful!

Gringo: Other than singing, what else have you been doing recently?

Margarita: Other than singing? No, that's what I always do. I love to sing. I also have my website:

Gringo: What do you like to do in your spare time and to relax?

Margarita: I like to play the piano, listen to great music, like Tony Bennett, and watch baseball.

Gringo: In the site's previous interview, actor Jeff Robinson suggested that we ask this question: What would you do differently if you had the chance?

Margarita: I wouldn't change anything. I love my life and I wouldn't do anything differently. I love what I do. Show business, not working 9-5, getting beautiful and getting my Grand Marnier after singing.

Gringo: What is one question we should ask our next interviewee?

Margarita: What will you do with your next ten years?

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