Biker Tales
Review By: Darth-Phenom

Inspired by a rather non-sequential event yesterday and [ONE OF THE FIVE PEOPLE IN THE FORUM] sortilegus, I have decided to start a [STORY] which actually discusses nothing in particular. I will relate the above mentioned incident after a short interval:

(Musical interlude)

Upon a bright and sunny Sunday morning I became involved in an amusing little game involving myself and four African-American-African gentlemen who may not have been American. They pleasantly ran at me as I was but a lone target on a bike at a red light and they figured I would meekly surrender.

To their offer of friendship. They thought I must have been quite lonely, you see.

However, I quickly realised they were unarmed (as one of them would have surely pointed a waterpistol in my general direction otherwise), got into gear as quickly as possible and rode directly at two of them who dove out the way, hopefully enjoying themselves in the process. Realising the advantage of surprise had now abated, I simply rode away as I had a prior engagement and fun must come to an end.

Now, I understand this may seem unlikely but this type of event is a daily occurence over here. People are always concerned when one is all alone on a bike! Had I meekly submitted and handed over the bike, they would have BEFRIENDED me to a bloody pulp, lol! In an environment as FRIENDLY as this, you tend to develop an instinct of avoiding overwhelming amounts of HUGS AND KISSES! It's simple Darwinism.

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