Valentine's Day E-Cards or Fun with Clip Art
Review By: Jeff

The fragrant aroma of Valentine's Day is in the air and by fragrant I mean choking. You can't walk near any place of business without being bombarded by the combined smell of flowers and the gaseous mixture of assorted perfumes hovering like a toxic cloud of ass and funk. This is the day when people splurge on their significant others and by people I mean men because I sure as hell have never seen a chick get anything for a guy except lingerie which I don't think the guy could possibly wear although the Internet has proven me wrong on many disturbing occasions.

Personally, I don't care much for the Holiday but I can understand why other guys go through with it because it gets them some action and shuts her up for a few days. So I figured I'd do my part and help everyone out by making some E-Cards because I'm just that kind of guy. Enjoy and spread the love!

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