Richard Nixon - he's everyone's favourite politician, and now you can get one step closer to him! Just answer a few simple questions (hint: they are on this page) to find out which era of Nixon's life your personality matches. It's fun! Honestly! Well, okay, it's not, but it saves writing another review. And for that you should all be grateful (all three of you).

Would you describe yourself as...?

a) a patriot
b) a loser
d) optimistic

You're happiest when you're...?

a) drowning your sorrows in alcohol
b) finding peace in the middle
c) winning
d) letting others take the fall

John F. Kennedy was...?

a) America's youngest president
b) a lying, election stealing bastard
c) yesterday's news
d) the root of all evil

If something's very, very bad it's...?

a) not your fault
b) the Communist's fault
c) your life
d) maybe, just maybe, your fault

People who don't share your beliefs are...?

a) dangerous!
b) also known as the USA
c) worth debating
d) no. 1 on the enemy list

On the whole, life is...?

a) good
b) all-American
c) What life?

This website is...?

a) good
b) bad
c) ugly
d) EVIL!

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