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Senorita Gringo

Sluts Can Make Good Wives

Sheriff Gringo is fiercely protective of his wife, Senorita Gringo. Born in 1805 to unknown parents, Senorita was never given a second name. Senorita met Gringo whilst the future Sheriff was picking up poop on the streets of Outhouse, New Jersey, where Senorita was working at Mimi Gringo's whore house.

The couple have been together ever since, marrying two years later. Gringo is proud to have his wife campaigning with him, so long as that scoundrel outlaw Miguel stays away from her. Senorita adds the perfect balance to Gringo's campaign. Together, they offer the best politicial prospects for the state.

Senorita Gringo

· Quiet, contemplative.
· Cheap.
· Flexible.
· Has wacky breasts.
· Has a stupid beauty spot on her face.

Sheriff Gringo

· Protective.
· Violent.
· Independent.
· Strong thinker.
· Ready for action at any moment.