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30th July, 2002

Gringo Launches First Campaign Video

Outhouse, New Jersey - Visiting the site of his mother's once bustling whore house, Sheriff Gringo today traveled to the town of Outhouse, meeting voters and spreading the message of his Senate campaign.

He used a meeting with prospective supporters at the town hall as an opportunity to release his first campaign video. At a budget of $5, Gringo is hoping the advertisement will air on most major networks, and will be relying on donations to raise the required finance to promote the video.

Click here to watch the "Candidate" campaign video

Currently, Gringo's bullets-or-votes policy has attracted three known supporters, all New Jersey residents who will be casting their vote for Sheriff Gringo on election day.

"I can't get elected without votes, and people can't live without faces," said Sheriff Gringo. "So, between now and election day, I'll be talking about the issues - about how my experience in local community would extend statewide, and how citizens' families would cope if their loved one had his or her face blown away."

Keen to embrace modern technology, Sheriff Gringo also announced a major increase in unique visits to his campaign website. The Sheriff said, "Although the internet didn't exist in the Wild West, nothing in El Town makes sense. I'm pleased two people have now visited the website and would welcome a third."

Gringo is actively seeking the endorsement of other notable cartoon write-in candidates, and will be meeting with a Disney consortium, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and that ugly female cow character, later in the month.