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Your Vote Is Your Choice

Sheriff Gringo loves to hear the opinions of people from New Jersey.

He doesn't care for people in Pennsylvania much, but the residents of the Garden state mean a lot to the candidate. He hopes you will make the right choice on election day.

Sheriff Gringo is extremely busy on the campaign trail, but he does try and respond personally to as many emails as he can. For this purpose, he has several Hotmail accounts to improve organization and help either the candidate or his staff respond to your email within one working day.

If you would like to contact the candidate, please use one of the following links.

For press, interviews or media enquiries:
Email Attn. Of: Ernesto Mimosa

For general enquiries about the candidate or campaign:
Email Attn. Of: Enquiries

For promotional material including posters:
Email Attn. Of: Unwanted Goods

For the webmaster:
Email Attn. Of: Person With Too Much Free Time