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His Life As Sheriff Of El Town

Guns Are A Lawman's Best Friend

Gringo found the calling of a lifetime in his role as Sheriff of El Town. Now in his fifth term of service, the Sheriff has found balancing the awesome responsibility of his law keeping office with a fair sense of community no easy task. However, he committed himself and after beating up those who disagreed, the sense of shared pride in El Town in now stronger than ever.

Sheriff Gringo insists that he owes a debt of gratitude to El Town that he will never forget. He has tried to cut crime and almost succeeded in getting Deputy Mimosa off the crack pipe. Gringo feels that as a Senator for New Jersey, he can use the talents he has learned as a lawman to get the state the attention it deserves. He has served the people of El Town well as a Sheriff, he will serve the people of New Jersey well as a Senator.