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Simple Answers For Simple People

Did Sheriff Gringo really run to be a Senator?


But isn't he fictional?


So how could he run for a Senate seat?

Technically, as a fictional Sheriff, Gringo couldn't. However, the Supporters Of Gringo said they would write in the lawman's name on their ballot papers in the Senate race in New Jersey this year. They lied.

Why did you do this?

Because we wanted to see if the Sheriff's name would show up on the official election results from New Jersey. Sadly, everyone who said they'd write in Gringo's name couldn't be bothered.

But why New Jersey?

It was the state - with a Senate campaign in 2002 - where we knew the highest number of people who said they'd write in Sheriff Gringo as their candidate of choice. Plus, it's where Gringo lives, in the outpost of El Town (population estimated in 1890 at 10 people).

How many people have voted for Sheriff Gringo?

The final election results, against the main party opponents, were:

Frank Lautenberg (D): 52%
Doug Forrester (R): 48%
Gringo (I): 0% (0 votes*)

* Potential voters couldn't be bothered to leave the house and vote.

What is Gringo's political affiliation?

Although he agrees with the Republican Party's pro-gun policies, Sheriff Gringo decided not to run in the Republican primary and instead campaigned as an Independent. Any other questions relating to the candidate are answered in the many sections of this site.

I live in New Jersey and want to vote for Gringo. What do I do?

It's too late now - where were you when the polling stations opened? However, keep the El Town flag flying, because Sheriff Gringo has ominously predicted he will run for President in 2004.