The Most Annoying Thing Ever
Written By: Joe

          TODAY!!!!!! I am going to tell you a story. It is. About a horse who!! Wished. THAT HE COULD FLY every day!!! He. Walked back (and) forth in his. Barn but! Could not think of a way to. Do this the farmer came down to the barn. Later to milk the cows. He saw. The horse looking!! Glum.
          He said, "Horse. What is."
          "WRONG!?" The horse.
          Said, "I wish. THAT I COULD!!! Fly." The.
          [Farmer] said, "Oh, horse do. Not be!"
          "Horses cannot fly." The horse sighed because. He. KNEW THIS. Already but wished that it. Were. Not. True.
          ONE FINE!!!!
          The horse was eating. Some oats (when he spotted. A LITTLE GLEAM!!!! Out of the corner of his eye it came closer. And got. (After a moment Bush realized his mistake and slowly dropped the errant hand back to his lap. "I know I shouldn't have," a witness told us yesterday, "but I started laughing.") Bigger. And turned out to be.) A FAIRY!!! The.
          Fairy said, "I."
          "Will grant you. ONE."
          "Wish" the horse was happy because. HE COULD FINALLY!! Have his wish come. True.
          "I wish"
          "Foró" the horse. Began but!!! The fairy stopped. (HIM)
          "Make sure [you] think!!"
          "About your. Wish very carefully you only. Get." "1." The horse realized that!! This was troo [sic]. And that he. Should maybe give this a. BIT MORE!!! Thought because. (When Stevie Wonder sat down at the keyboard center stage, President Bush in the front row got very excited. He smiled and started waving at Wonder, who understandably did not respond.) It is not every day. That an (opportunity like this presents. Itself!
          "I will come.)"
          "Back tomorrow and ask. You again. So you have time to.
          "THINK!!!!" Said. THE FAIRY!!!!(!) The. Horse. AGREED TO THIS!!! And the fairy flew.

Away the horse thought about. What he would wish for ALL. NIGHT. Long. He was trying to decide if there was. (Anything he wanted more than) the ability. TO FLY he. Did not get. A WINK. Of sleep but was READY TO. Make his WISH!!! To. THE FAIRY!!!! (Today I am going to tell you a story. It is about a horse who wished that he could fly. Every day, he walked back and forth in his barn but could not think of a way to do this.
          The farmer came down to the barn later to milk the cows. He saw the horse looking glum.
          He said, "Horse, what is wrong?"
          The horse said, "I wish that I could fly."
          The farmer said, "Oh, horse, do not be silly. Horses cannot fly." The horse sighed because he knew this already but wished that it were not true.
          One fine afternoon, the horse was eating some oats when he spotted a little gleam out of the corner of his eye. It came closer and got bigger and turned out to be a fairy!
          The fairy said, "I will grant you one wish." The horse was happy because he could finally have his wish come true.
          "I wish foró" the horse began but the fairy stopped him.
          "Make sure you think about your wish very carefully. You only get one." The horse realized that this was true and that he should maybe give this a bit more thought because it is not every day that an opportunity like this presents itself.) The next morning.
          The fairy came and.
          "Have you deci(ded) what. IT IS!!! You want??"
          "To wish for" the horse.
          Nodded. He slowly. OPENED HIS!!!! Mouth. And wished.



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