Roof Nazis
Written By: Lauren

Sometimes these Nazis hang out on my roof, or my porch. I tell those asses to get off but they say are just hanging out. I don't believe them because when I am sleeping or mowing my lawn I here them yelling about Jews and throwing up gang signs. One time this Nazi with a little mustache said to me "I like to injure things." So I told him I have a .45 under my pillow and I would Glock him down my chimney. He just laughed and said "Yaw, Geuten Tag!"

At least they clean my gutters some times, but they are still annoying. I think they are racists or something. I just get that feeling. Maybe I should call the po-lize and tell them about those vandals tearing up my shingles. Damn shingle-tearing bastards.

I tried to make peace with them once by bringing them lemonade, but they just shot me in both legs. It sucked. I swear I'm going to get rid of those bitches. Maybe I should call Terminex. Or maybe I should move.

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