October 31st, 2002
In a sub-standard attempt (look! More self-angst!) at a Halloween-themed update, I've reviewed a few Dracula movies. Good thing this is just a once-yearly event.

October 29th, 2002
Time for another review from Mack Salmon. He's written something about a video game called Xenogears. I don't really know much more than that, but Mack gives it a score of 2.5, if that helps.

October 26th, 2002
Joe continues the wacky adventures of his stick men characters with another One Panel Comic. You will notice the maturity level of today's comic is exceptionally high.

October 24th, 2002
Dan has written something to start off the long-forgotten 'other dumb shit' section of the rants page. It's an article all about Eugene Victor Debs. It took 17 minutes to write.

October 22nd, 2002
The Gringo for Senate campaign is entering its final stage. Yes, breathe a sigh of relief, it'll all be over on November 6th. For the time being, find out what's been happening to the candidate this month and watch his new campaign video.

October 21st, 2002
Redukt has joined as this site's ninth so-called staff member. Success! He'll be making a comic (oh no! Another one!) about fun activities taking place in an aquarium. But until that's up, all you can do is read his bio and email him.

October 19th, 2002
Jeff's written something about how he wants his own theme song. I advise you read it. Then again, I took a couple of months just to put a Flash animation up, so what do I know?

October 17th, 2002
Win again! There's a new competition to win Blazing Saddles on DVD. Enter or get death! Well, maybe not death. Anyway, it's a long-running competition, ending as it does on New Year's Day, 2003. Time is running out!

October 15th, 2002
In a forum post (you can read it here), Joe reminded me that the fifth Gringo Flash episode was never uploaded. Whoops! It should work now. If it doesn't, blame Joe.

October 11th, 2002
Did you know the British won the War of Independence in America? No, really! Well, maybe not in reality, but in the deluded world of computer games they did. Find out how I failed to save the USA with old PC game Revolution '76.

October 9th, 2002
Continuing the trend of putting up content from staff members who are rarely mentioned, it's time for the second BB Kan comic by Fionn. Who knows, Ross might even come up with something soon!

October 7th, 2002
Hey, we haven't had a review from Dan in a long time. Let's change all that! It is the way to the future! Here is his review of The Bourne Identity. Do with it what you will.

October 5th, 2002
Jeff's UnFunny comic series continues today. And I'm really going to struggle to think of anything else to write here, so I'll probably just type and type until I come up with something. Or not.

October 2nd, 2002
Joe's reviewed Weezer's relatively new album Maladroit. He was going to do a review more or less straight after the album came out, but, you know, so lazy. Read away!

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