September 28th, 2002
More quick and easy updates! It is the path to success! Ross has created a quiz to help you solve the question that's been bugging you for quite literally seconds. Which Rainbow character are you? Find out today!

September 26th, 2002
I've never seen any of the three Beverly Hills Cop movies. Instead of giving you any more useless information, I'll just write that Joe has seen all three, and has reviewed them.

September 24th, 2002
More free website plugs! This time it's Matt & Joe. Hey, we're just like Google, giving you links aplenty! Except without the millions of visitors, or the usefulness. Maybe one day!

September 22nd, 2002
It's the third one panel comic for Joe's, uh, One Panel Comic series. Cue derogatory joke about the comics on our site. And yes, I had to use a dictionary to check how to spell derogatory.

September 21st, 2002
Hello children! Today you can go visit HuffinAndPuffin. You go there now! Please? They have comics on their site, but don't worry, it's not Gringo, Spurt or any of those other nasties on our site.

September 20th, 2002
Another update to the Gringo For Senate 2002 fake site. Sorry. And this time, you don't even get a video clip to compensate! Hooray! On the bright side, there's only two more months until the election.

September 17th, 2002
I was going to write a really clever introduction here about how I've reviewed the Scooby-Doo movie, seeing as the words movie review and Scooby-Doo kind of rhyme. Instead, I couldn't be bothered.

September 15th, 2002
Let's continue updating rarely used sections, shall we? No? Stop arguing with me! Joe has written a story about monkeys. It is in the rants section. It is also not a rant.

September 10th, 2002
Read all about my sucky trip to London to see the Blues Brothers musical stage show (I lost my dignity quite quickly) in a rare, craptastic update to the music section.

September 5th, 2002
Jim Piddock's been in plenty of good, funny movies and television shows, including Best In Show, Austin Powers: Goldmember and more. Read an interview with him! Now!

September 2nd, 2002
Read Ross' review of new video game Stuntman. Go on, read it! I DARE YOU! Oh, okay, if you can't be bothered, here's the condensed version: he really didn't like it.

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