July 30th, 2002
It's time for an update to the Gringo for Senate fake site. Sorry. At least you get to see a video clip this time round, so it's better than the usual boring text that goes with the joke. ANGST!

July 26th, 2002
I've finally had the spare time and patience to sit through a second episode of the bizarre children's television show Rainbow. It involves lions and tigers. And a terrible song!

July 24th, 2002
Dan has written a review of Men In Black II. You can read it if you really want to. It won't be a movie review next update, I promise. Also: MY PROMISES MEAN NOTHING!

July 22nd, 2002
Time for another Gringo cartoon. In today's visit to El Town, the citizens are shocked by the arrival of a mysterious stranger with an even more mysterious voice. Do you sense something? The mystery? No. The funny? Hell no!

July 20th, 2002
Tanner over at Invisible Summer still needs your suggestions for his Top 50 Movies Of All Time article. I've listed my five choices in an article explaining them because I wanted to.

July 17th, 2002
Ross returns with his second fake site, which is a tribute to an all-American Senator, would-be Presidential candidate and holder of fine pens. The picture to your left is a big clue.

July 14th, 2002
Tanner over at Invisible Summer needs your help! He's writing a Top 50 Movies Of All Time list and wants your choices, so click, read and send him an email filled with fun. Or hate. Or maybe both!

July 12th, 2002
Ignoring the fact that most of the people who read this site (three! Ha! The joke! It never dies!) are probably not British, I've written a rant about the monarchy in the good old United Kingdom.

July 10th, 2002
The saga of Spurt continues with today's comic, including a welcome return by the big, fat, lazy, stupid polar bear. A welcome return if you like the character. If you don't, then fly to Joe's house and tell him off. TELL HIM OFF GOOD!

July 7th, 2002
Another movie review today because you love them so much! This time, Ross casts his critical eye over Spider-Man. Ross' next step in his plan to become a famous movie reviewer is to beat Ebert to death with a bucket of KFC.

July 5th, 2002
Joe has written a review of the Powerpuff Girls movie. I would write something here but instead I can't think of anything so here goes: HAMMO SHAMMO WIZZLE WASCO PASCO ZOOBIES.

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