June 27th, 2001
Joe's Tomb Raider review is up. This is good for the following reason: I can put off writing any reviews for a couple more days.

June 24th, 2001
I've put up guest-reviewing-person Darth Phenom's review of Popular. Hey, it's the first TV Show review! Hooray.

June 21st, 2001
There's a new Fake Site. Wonderful.

June 18th, 2001
Welcome Joe to this site, if you would. Or don't. Doesn't really matter. Anyway, he's written the first Video Game review - Ring Of Red.

June 17th, 2001
Told you I'd update. For your reading entertainment today, there's a review of horror film Puppet Master available.

June 15th, 2001
Learn all about Rolf Harris' unique brand of music!

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