April 30th, 2003
Despite the fact that reviewing NES games is even more common than priests admitting they like small boys, I've written a mindless article about Adventures In The Magic Kingdom. And no, I didn't have a great adventure.

April 29th, 2003
Seeing as Redukt's Aquarium page hadn't been updated since 1921, I thought I might as well upload his third comic. Cue unfunny filler text I can't be bothered to type! That is all.

April 27th, 2003
Joe's lost his temper! Again! Find out why he's ranting about cell phones! In other news, this website isn't really turning into the Gringo & Joe Show, despite what the last seven updates might seem like. Redukt update next! Oh no!

April 24th, 2003
Read all about why I think Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom is quite simply a horrible movie. Or just skip to the cartoon at the bottom of the review for a penis joke.

April 20th, 2003
Time for another interview, and in this update it's a few questions with actress, writer and producer Carrie Fisher. Obsessive nerds who like Star Wars take note: there's only one question about it. Next update's on the 24th.

April 19th, 2003
More Joe! His review of the first two American Pie movies will fill your Saturday with ominous clouds of misery or wacky buckets worth of fun, depending on your point of view.

April 18th, 2003
The site's back up and running now, which means the comics can be updated again. I suppose you have to take the good with the bad, but you can choose which is good and which is bad. It's Joe's One Panel Comics today.

April 17th, 2003
Another day, another update. Today you can read all about a movie called The Paper. Or you could go outside and get some friends. The choice is up to you, and you alone!

April 16th, 2003
In a highly unoriginal move, Joe and I decided to make fun of some of the Google searches that bring people here. Oh, and the recent lack of updates was due to the server going crazy. So there.

April 6th, 2003
Today's update is a short review of the movie Overboard by Joe, but don't the length of the thing fool you. He's managed to fit quite a lot of hate in for the size of what he's written.

April 4th, 2003
More computer game reviews! LucasArts followed up Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine (read my sucky review here!) with The Emperor's Tomb, released just last week. Now read my review of it!

April 3rd, 2003
Although Tony Tough And The Night Of The Roasted Moths might well be an elaborate name for a computer adventure game, it doesn't mean much when the finished product is utter crap, as Joe explains.

April 2nd, 2003
Because website April Fool's jokes are either always (a) unfunny or (b) too elaborate to waste time on, we didn't do one. Now go read Jeff's review of shrink wrap, inspired by this forum message.

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