"With a little bit of lobbying" - Papa Domuch

Meet the stars of Broadway's greatest new musical!

George Bush as President George Bush

After pretending to be elected President in 2000, Mr. Bush has appeared in a number of successful stage shows. Last year, he received a Tony nomination for his contribution to Oh, What A Lovely War II: Back To The Gulf.

He can also be seen frequently on CNN, NBC, Fox News and many other television news productions. Mr Bush, who lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife Laura, is a keen sportsman, does not smoke, drink, do drugs or tell lies.

Nathan Lane as Edward Domuch

The star of such high-quality cinema productions as Mouse Hunt and The Lion King 1½: Hakuna Matata, Mr. Lane is a versatile, talented and well-respected performer. Most recently he received many commendations for his role as a penny-pinching Jew in The Producers.

Mr. Lane is a fan of musical theater. He hopes his performance as Edward Doomuch in My Fair Guy will continue his musical stage show success.

Harvey Fierstein as Freddy Fopsworth

Husky-voiced Mr. Fierstein has enjoyed great success throughout his illustrious career. As well as being frequently photographed at gay pride events, Mr. Fierstein's work also takes in cinema, television and the theater.

The producers of My Fair Guy decided to approached him for the role of Freddy after seeing Mrs. Doubtfire on a six-hour flight across America. Despite falling asleep five minutes into the movie, the producers knew they had the right man.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor Ahnold

Monosyllabic immigrant Mr. Schwarzenegger makes his musical stage debut in My Fair Lady. Despite getting critical acclaim for his in-depth portrayals of a monosyllabic robot in the Terminator series of movies, the Austrian-born actor/politician has never before been in a stage musical.

Elected Governor of California during a recall contest in 2003, Mr. Schwarzenegger lives in the state with his wife Maria. He lists his hobbies as driving SUVs and saying "clean house".

Sir Ian McKellen as Papa Domuch

Despite being labeled "that old guy from the elf movies", Mr. McKellen has had a long and wide-ranging career as an actor. He is also one of the foremost pointy-hat-and-beard wearers in today's acting industry.

A confirmed homosexual, Mr. McKellen was thought by producers to be ideal for the role of Papa Domuch, Edward's militant gay activist father. That, and the fact he also played an old gay man in the movie Gods & Monsters.

Senator Barbara Boxer as Maggie the Maid

Feisty liberal Senator Boxer gives added credibility to the role of feisty liberal maid Maggie. Although she has acted like a politician who promises much and performs little, My Fair Guy is her first foray into theater.

Producers had considered fellow Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein for the role of Maggie, but were worried of being labelled too "pro-Jew" by having two cast members whose names ended in "-stein".


Ellen DeGeneres as Betty the Butch

Talk-show host and well-known lesbian actress Ms. DeGeneres used to date Anne Heche, who then decided she was suddenly no longer lesbian and started going out with someone of a different sex.

But regardless of any highs or lows in her personal life, Ms. DeGeneres remains a first-rate professional and was the first choice for the small but significant role of Betty, a butch lesbian bartender.

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