Why Can't The Arabs?

President Bush

Look at him, a prison at Guantanamo!
Condemned without a judge or jury!
By right he should be taken out and shot
For thinking Islam's great and Christianity's not

This is what the American population
Calls a democratic execution

Hear them down in Baghdad Square
Dropping car bombs everywhere
Killing citizens any way they like

But, gee sir, I ain't no fool
I know them terrorists is cruel
I wonder who taught them to be like that

Look at Iran, Iraq or worse
An Israeli suicide bomber in a hearse
Now just what's the darn point in that?

Blowing buildings sky high
Hoping thousands will die

It makes George sad!
It makes George mad!

Why can't the Arabs stop blowing each other up?
You'd think they'd learn their lesson
But no, they don't give up

But if I stormed their country with an army or two
Then they'd become democratic too

An Arab's way of life is to make America despise him
If he's not with us, he's against us, and we terrorize him

One common theory I'm afraid we'll never shirk
Is that whuppin' Middle East ass is bound to work

Someone should set a good example by teaming up with us
The Brits did and it caused them no harm
Oh, sure, we may have forgotten about them now
But back then we were grateful...and how!

Why can't the Arabs stop blowing each other up?
We've got the bigger guns and we're not afraid to fight
If you threaten us then we'll come kick down your door

We'll make you taste lead-bullet democracy
And soon you'll scream for more
Why don't you embrace our Western culture
Of drinking, gambling, drugs and whores?

With me, bilateral foreign policy just won't sit
So why can't the Arabs
Why can't the Arabs
Learn...to quit?

All material produced by and copyright of LTM Stage Productions © 2004-2007