"Dis marriage no good" - Ahnold

Everything you need to know about the musical My Fair Guy

The place is America, the year is 2004, the month is October.

President George Bush leads a content lifestyle in the White House, a smart residence off Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington D.C. He has been troubled by uprisings against the Americans in the Middle East (Why Can't The Arabs?) but on the whole he is looking forward to buying his way into re-election in November.

Meanwhile, in sunny San Francisco, gay couple Edward Domuch and Freddy Fopsworth have found the perfect way to take their same-sex union one step forward by getting married (Wouldn't It Be Gay?) now that wacky officials in the city have started granting homosexual marriage licenses.

When Edward and Freddy get to the registry office, they find they're not the only long-term relationship gays. In fact, a million couples are already in line (I Hear Bells), so Edward and Freddy decide to wait a few weeks until the media hoopla has died down.

But down in Sacramento, California's Governor Ahnold is very worried about what's happening in San Francisco (Don't Dream Of Californication) and calls his good friend President Bush for help.

While they discuss the "problem", Edwards's militant gay activist father Papa Domuch parades his new husband around the media (With A Little Bit Of Lobbying), much to shy and retiring Edward's consternation.

However, when Papa Domuch is sent hate mail, Edward decides enough is enough and agrees to go to a public rally in favour of same-sex marriage (Just You Gays Wait) but once there gets stage fright, and it's up to Freddy to save the day by giving an emotional speech (O Come All Ye Faithful).

Governor Ahnold, still in his Sacramento office, is becoming increasingly worried and doesn't know if his friend George will help him out. The only other option is public speaking, and Ahnold hates that (I Couldn't Have Talked All Night).

But his liberal maid Maggie wants Ahnold to make a speech and fall flat on his face in an attempt to reduce the credibility of the anti-gay marriage lobby (Maggie May Ain't Gay).

Watching the rally, George decides he's had enough and decides to fight for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in any way, shape or form, regardless of the issues of states' rights and with the Bible Belt backing him, heads for the state of California (Battle Hymn Of The Republicans).

After the public rally, Papa Domuch chastises his son Edward for not giving Freddy enough support (You Did Him).

But Edward can't resolve his shy persona with his inner desire to fight for the cause of gay marriage, and flees from Freddy's arms (Just You Gays Wait - Reprise). Wandering the streets of San Francisco, he laments about how his choice of lifestyle is causing him so much grief (It's A Man's Man's World).

Meanwhile, Ahnold is delighted when George arrives in Sacramento, touting his constitutional amendment against gay marriage. The duo vow to turn public opinion in California towards their way of thinking (Strangers In The Fight) and set about hitting the chat shows - with George doing all the talking (I Couldn't Have Talked All Night - Reprise).

By now, Edward is drunk and lonely. He wanders into The Big Hunt, a local lesbian bar, and starts knocking back the wine spritzers. When he tells his worries to the bartender, she replies by telling him to sort his act out and join the cause (It's No Different For Girls).

Revitalized by the lesbian's advice, Edward finally sees the error of his ways and rushes back to Freddy's arms (Get Me To The Same-Sex Church On Time). Edward is overjoyed to find his lover boy hasn't rejected him (A Hymn To Him) and the two rush off to a small church to beat the queues and get married.

But they just happened to have chosen the same church where George and Ahnold are staging an anti-gay marriage protest. Papa Domuch asks Edward if he's finally ready to stand up for what he believes in, and Edward firmly says "yes" (Papa Don't Preach).

After a war of words with Ahnold and George (Love And Marriage), Edward and Freddy tie the knot. Mentally bruised and battered, Ahnold and George rush back to their offices to plot their next course of action.

However, when George gets back to Washington D.C., he finds the removal men packing up his belongings. New Vice-President Maggie the Maid tells George that he was so busy pandering to the right wing he lost the Presidential election (You Might As Well Campaign Until November).

Broken and disheartened, George takes a last walk around the White House and realizes how much he'll miss his lifestyle (I've Grown Accustomed To This Place).

But it's not over yet! Just as he's leaving the mansion, George gets a desperate phone call from Ahnold.

It seems Edward, with his new husband's support, is now leading a recall effort against the Governor! Energized by the idea of a fresh fight, George grabs his bible, his tattered copy of the constitution and rushes to start the crusade all over again (When The Going Gets Tough)!

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