Outkast: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
Review By: Weasel

Hip-hop music be takin' over the radio scene ya'll!

And bitch you know that means that only 90 in every 100 rappers can be popular at one time or another. There are new popular rappers coming out every week. Then they go away. Then they come back a month or so later with a new song that everyone MUST LOVE. With that said, here is the popular rap duo of the next few months, Outkast.

The one on the left is Big Boi and the other mofo is Andre 3000. They released a new album late last year called Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. This is actually two solo albums under one name. Speakerboxxx is the solo album of Big Boi, who is the more rap-oriented member of the extreme team (EXTREME!). His current single is The Way You Move. At the time of writing this, his song is #2 on Billboard. Andre 3000 obviously has the other disc called The Love Below for those who weren't following along with the rest of this paragraph already. His single is Hey Ya! which at the time of writing is the #1 song. IT'S A TAKEOVER YA'LLS!!

I liked Andre's album better, but then my mom was dancing to it while making pancakes a few weeks ago and I lost any respect I had for myself because I had to move back in to my mom's house and it had all rushed back to me as soon as I witnessed her dance. I need a new job.

So if you like music that your mom will dance to while making pancakes, I suggest getting the new Outkast CD.

We luv yo momma!

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