Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
Review By: ShootTheWeasel

Not the first, not the second, but rather it is now the THRICED guest review from moi, ShootTheWeasel. I know you are sick of me, but you must deal with my compulsive actions in repeatedly writing for LTM. I apologize for the past and future reviews I have done or will do. Now, as it were there was a purpose to this whole thing, and in it lies a review, which means yet ANOTHER addition to the music section. Gringo cheers for this (no.)

After careful deliberation I have come across Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral as my disc of the day. Now, NIN is quite possibly my favorite band, and I WILL TELL YOU WHY.

I like the sounds of both rock and techno. I like the yelling and the singing. I like jazzy instumentals and super slow uber-sad ballads. I also like porn and music that supports it. This is Nine Inch Nails. I know a lot of you out there depise this band, and furthermore its fans because of their tendency to be GOTH. Well shut up maybe I am goth. I wear lots of black...I dig Marilyn Manson...that's about it though. YOU DECIDE!! Anywho, the NIN have been aroun since 1989 which is actually a bit on the suprising side. The band has never been permanent, save for lead singer Trent Reznor, who also is the guitarist, bassist, keyboard player and drummer. Trent is fucked up. He likes rap music but can't rap...this is evident on Pretty Hate Machine's "Down In It". Anyway, to the review!

The Downward Spiral is the band's second LP, following Pretty Hate Machine. This is widely considered to be the band's creme de la crop. I do not concur, but I do enjoy the album. The best thing off this album is the ultimate song to fuck to: "Closer". The beat, the lyrics, both contribute to this perfect song. If you have not heard it, you are a deaf retard. This song skyrocketed up the charts and is the band's biggest single to date. Other singles from this album were "Hurt" and "March Of The Pigs". Note: Johnny Cash made a dreadful cover of "Hurt" fairly recently. Johnny...stick to "Ring Of Fire" plz k thx?

The standout tracks on The Downward Spiral are "Eraser", "Reptile" and "Piggy". They all are very neat and special. This one time there was this really hot girl that didn't like me, but she hung out with me because she liked my best friend (who is a girl) and we all hung out in my best friend's room on the bed and the really hot girl realized she did like me because we have the exact same interests so she repayed me for not being nice to me by unintentionally massaging my genitals with her foot while my best friend (who is a girl) made out with her. We all like Nine Inch Nails.

"Closer" has a cool video. So does "The Perfect Drug". "I'm Afraid Of Americans" by David Bowie was done with Nine Inch Nails. Trent chases David around New York City in the video. It's cool.

So that is my opinion of The Downward Spiral. I hope you like it too. Also I like it when girls that are hot and not like me end up liking me and unintentionally massage my genitals.


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