Armaan: Original Soundtrack
Review By: Darth Phenom

Fuck you crackers who hate Indians and like Gringo want to make the great nation of India your bitch. You will love how this review will promote political correctness and acceptance from the opening line. Anyway, I hate anime geeks who love the bombing of Pearl Harbor yet refuse to acknowledge QUALITY entertainment such as the masterpieces of the Indian film industry. Indians are not extremely wealthy so they are unable to burn $200 million on such gems as Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

Instead they are able to spend every last rupee of a shoestring budget on entertaining (a word I understand Hollywood long forgot the meaning of) productions such as Armaan. Seeing as how a Bollywood movie would be like a heterosexual Gringo without its wonderful soundtrack I have seen fit to contribute to the beleaguered music section of LTM. I enjoy it immensely and you will too unless you a retarded anime geek who refuses to listen to anything but Ayumi Hamasaki.

1. Mere Dil Ka Tumse Hai Yeh Kehna - Chitra

A truly beautiful opening anthem! This will set the scene like flaming mutton curry! This will take you back to the hot days of Bombay like Sachin Tendulkar hitting the filthy Pakistanis for another six into the flaming mutton curry! Feel the relaxing waters as you are transported to the days of old and sit back to enjoy this beautiful music all for yourself! Calm and soothing!

2. Tu Hi Bata Zindagi - Roop Kumar Rathod

A romantic interlude of sheer beauty of the Taj Mahal! You will be moved to tears like when the filthy West Indians were punished into submission at the World Cup Final at Lord's! Experience India's greatness for your very own with this wonder and taste the flaming mutton curry! Roop Kumar Rathod is an outstanding vocalist in his very own right and you will feel his excellence for yourself! Between the excellence of the sitar and the vocal talent of Roop Kumar Rathod you will be hot like a 15 year old Calcutta whore!

3. Aao Milke Gaayen Aisa Gaana - Amitabh, Udit, Mahalaxmi, Shnkar Mahadevan

We have party time on this track! Celebrate in style such as Ani Kumble hammered the filthy Australians with his breath-taking pace! This does not mean you will be out of breath from his exclusively! For you have this track to enjoy all for yourself! This is an excellent collaboration of several talented artists that will have you dancing at the village festival when the pineapple finally enters the virgin! Do not hesitate to dance at this wonderful music that you will leave you dancing! Fun will be had by all whenever this is played! Rejoice our culture!

4. Dialogues - Amitab Bachchan

Do not feel you are being ripped off by dialogues! Nothing is closer from the truth! Amitab Bachnan is an excellent voice talent! Enjoy!

5. Main Gaoon Tum Gao - Udit, Mahalaxmi, Shaan, Bhairvi Kuble

Here we have another excellent collaboration! Enjoy the glory of India just as when the filthy Canadians were made to cry when Dravid punished them as if the beating of a small child was taking place! Haha, just a joke there! You laugh at the funniness! To be serious, this is a collaboration of sheer excellence which will surely be enjoyed by many! It is of such a high quality you will find yourself singing along for fun! Do not make light of this oppurtunity for good musical enjoyment!

6. Tu Hi Bata Zindagi - Shreya Ghosal

Yes, you may notice that this title has appeared on the record previously! You are as observant as a clever mynah bird! But a vast difference takes place! This occasion the vocalist is indeed female and thus a level of romance is achieved of an unprecedented level! One cannot resist feeling love such as when the filthy Sri Lankans were exposed to the legend of Singh's bowling and they were made to defeat! Do not just take my word for it even I say that this is a track of unprecented wonder! Only the pale heathen will not find beauty in this song of wonder!

7. Instrumental - Jugal Bandi

One can only feel in awe of the talents of the composition of this instrumental! This will take you back to those Jaipur nights when you felt the moon!

8. Jaane Yeh Kya Ho Gaya - Shankar Mhaadevan

Words alone can describe the feelings of my heart over a song of this brilliance! I feel the stars over Delhi whenever the sitar strikes me as Ganguly struck the filthy New Zealanders for repeated boundary after boundaries! Do not resist the oppurtunity for this heart-wrenching beauty of yourself! Your wife will love it too! For only music will you hear when you play this!

9. Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye - Sonij Nigam, Sunidhi Chohan

The very best is saved for last as you will discover once you buy this amazing record for your very own enjoyment! This is my personal favourite and you are challenged to find such a wonder as this elsewhere! Truly you too will feel the joy by so many whenever the stumps of England fall to the hot sand! This is a special track and I recommend it! It truly ends a powerful record that is enjoyed best when played on a compact disc player! Do not just carry on sitting there buy the record now!

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