Electric Six
Review By: Ross

Hello! I don't do music reviews too often because honestly, I don't actually buy music, um, ever (maybe I get it from other places...). BUT! I am here now to tell you about a band who is quite good called Electric Six.

Their music is kind of hard to describe, but someone on Amazon says it's punk-new wave-disco-arena rock and since that's easier than coming up with my own stuff I'll just copy them.

On top of the fact that their music is pretty good, I like the fact that they don't take themselves seriously at all (MUCH LIKE LTM). The lead singer isn't so dignified that he can't make out with a terrifying middle aged German woman (in their Danger, High Voltage! video), or dress up like Abe Lincoln in nothing but a hat and spandex biking shorts (in their video for Gay Bar).

Speaking of that video, MTV2 apparently censored "nuclear war" to "CLAPPITY CLAP!" because someone might be offended over what's going to happen TOMORROW (lololoollol).

They also have an album under the band name "The Wildbunch", but I don't know if it's any good. Maybe. Buy it and tell me.

Anyway, go buy their CD "Fire", because it's a nice. And only ten dollars! Cheap! Like your mom!

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