House Of 1,000 Corpses [DVD]
Review By: Shinobi Dragon

House Of 1,000 Corpses is an excellent horror movie that will send chills down your spines and fluids down your pants, if you catch my drift. This is one of only two horror movies in years to actually give me a creepy feeling up and down my spine (the other being Winnie The Pooh...seriously though, The Mothman Prophecies).

The casting is brilliant, from Otis to Baby to the four youth unlucky enough to land in the house from hell. Who would have thought Chris Hardwick (of MTV's Singled Out fame) would actually be able to act?

Who knew Rob Zombie was this talented? I sure as hell didn't. His directorial debut is a smashing success. The music is very disturbing, and fits the movie well. The score includes songs from Rob Zombie, and all are top-notch. The pacing is done well, and the movie never drags on. You might think the movie might be stupid at first, but that feeling goes away only after a few minutes.

If you're squeamish, or easily frightened, stay under your bed until may of 2004. For the rest of us, you have to see this movie. It has a good amount of gore and blood, but I still can't understand why they didn't want to release this movie, or release it with an NC-17 rating. Yes, it's very graphic, but it's only a movie, people.

I wish I could tell you so many juicy details about the film; such as how I was surprised by the ending, and although it's not conventional by horror standards, it sets a new precedent. Whether or not you want to see the four young people get killed or stay alive, you'll enjoy the movie. Some will absolutely hate this movie. Those people are either easily offended, or have no taste.

The DVD is chock full of extras, from trailers, to interviews, and gags. This DVD is a fan's dream come true. Finally, the film that many have waited for, is on the format in which in can truly shine - DVD. Even if you have seen the movie, BUY this DVD - PERIOD! That, or I'll have to come to your house, and shove it down your throat, pal.

Tiny gives it two rousing thumbs up. Rarely do I give a movie or game such a high score. This one really deserves it, and even more so for the homage it pays to another cult horror classic - Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The two movies share more then a few striking similarities, including the fact that this film takes place in the 70's.

This is truly a masterpiece, and truly a great interactive DVD. Well, this is the most interactive you'll get sitting on your ass, anyway. Otis sends his regards...

• DVD extras: 8
• Overall score: 9

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