Phone Booth
Review By: Shinobi Dragon

Phone Booth is a very interesting thriller. It's also full of plot holes, but I can always forgive that, if the story is entertaining. Sure, there are no phone booth's in NYC, but the film will have you believe that one last booth exists close to the heart (or is that kidney?) of Times Square.

This film stars Colin Farrell, who makes up for the laughably bad Daredevil movie and performance he did as "Bullseye", and Forrest "Underrated" Whitaker, and also features a small performance (very small) from Katie Holmes. Forrest is excellent as the head of police, but Colin's italian accent is a not so believable, eh.

This is a tale about morality. No, don't go. You'll enjoy it, and it's not about your morals dummy. One guy who constantly lies is targeted by a sniper. This film was actually delayed at the box office, because of the real life Washington D.C. sniper incident. But the wait was well worth it.

Who picks up a ringing pay phone anyway? Why is there a phone booth in NY, when they hardly exist anywhere on the planet? Why target Colin "pretty boy" Farrell? Why not target one of the members of N*Sync? Why is the movie so short? How can the sniper dial a payphone, when you can't receive incoming calls on any NYC payphones? Well, these plot holes and questions won't be answered by the film or myself.

The film could have been longer, but the performances are all excellent. Colin Farrell could have put on a better accent, but it doesn't detract too much from the film. I can't give away the twist ending, but it's not that much of a twist. I figured out how the film would end 10 minutes before it ended. With all that said, the film is still tense and gripping throughout. I enjoyed the wit of Keifer Sutherland, and the extras (minus the annoying hookers) all did a great job.

The DVD of the film has no extras, other then a trailer, so take note of that. Too bad really, as I would have loved to see alternate endings ala Joyride, or deleted scenes at least. Whatever you do, don't pick up the phone...because it might be your aunt Lucy or something.

• DVD extras: 1
• Overall score: 8

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