Un Chien Andalou
Review By: Joe

This is a seventeen-minute long silent film from 1929 written by Salvador Dali and some guy named Luis Bunuel. I really only watched it because the song "Debaser" by The Pixies is all about this film and I like that song very much.

This movie doesn't make any sense because Salvador Dali was a crazy Spanish artist. It has some lady getting her eyeball SLIT OPEN and then some other stuff happens like ants coming out of this guy's hand. Also, there is this part where the guy fondles the lady's tats for like awhile. And I think her tats change into a butt briefly which I thought was funny.

Actually, I thought a good deal of it was funny. This one guy gets hit by a car and that is funny. Also, the ending seemed funny to me. I feel this to be a comedy!!

This movie had a couple of Spanish titles in it (it's a silent movie, yes?) and I could not read them so the movie made even less sense. My Argentinean chum informs me that that it is a Catalan dialect of Spanish which even he can't understand! Yeah! And he speaks Spanish! How weird is that!!?

I probably would have been pissed off if this was a full-length movie that just made no sense the entire time. Or if I had paid money to see this. That probably would've bugged me. As it is, I downloaded this off Kazaa and it's only seventeen minutes long so I can't say I really cared. Plus, I thought it was funny. I'm a little surprised at how graphic some of it was, though, like the eye slittage and the breast fondalo considering the year it was made and all. But I guess those Spanish people can take anything! They eat spicy food!!

Anyway, "Debaser" is still better.

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