Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Review By: Joe

El Terminator Diablo Dos: Judgemiento Day

OK this is a bit more like it. This is the one everybody likes. In this one Arnold comes back as another Terminator but he is a GOOD one. See how they switch it up on you like that? Therefore, we get a funny looking guy to be the T-1000, or the new bad Terminator.

This movie is leaps and bounds ahead of the first one simply because, seven years later, special effects had improved quite a bit indeed and the action and graphics are now all SUPERHOT! The T-1000 is made of liquid metal or summat and he gets blown apart repeatedly in the film and then molds back together. Every time something like this happens, the effects are SUPER SWEET and, surprisingly enough, are still just as impressive now as they were back when they first premiered.

The only unfortunate thing about this film is that Sarah Connor is still played by the same hooker, now much older and apparently turned into a crazy commando bitch. She was just stupid in the first one but now she's annoying, loud, and bossy and everything she says to her son (now born) is something yelled, usually with a curse word somewhere in it. She still isn't a good actor though and she gets a bunch of voiceovers in this one which is really quite a poor idea. On the bright side, you aren't supposed to pretend like she's attractive anymore like you were supposed to in the first one.

Edward Furlong plays John Connor in this and he is whiny and annoying. I can't say I cared much for him. He spends a lot of time bitching out the Terminator and the whole idea of human lives being important seems to be a main theme as a result of this. It is stupid.

This film, like the first one, fucks time travel up a bit as John, Sarah, and the Terminator go destroy all the stuff that eventually leads to the machines becoming self-aware and liking killing and such in the future. After they do this, the Terminator is still around for some reason even though for all intensive care he should disappear or something. There are also events that take place that don't really make much sense like the fact that they go around destroying individual pieces of evidence in the research facility when they eventually just blow the whole fucking place sky high anyhow. TIME WASTE, NO NO?

This movie is better than the first one. It's just a lot cooler and a lot more fun to watch, action and effects-wise. However, it isn't nearly as funny as the first one unintentionally is.

T2 3-D: Battle Across Time

You can see this at Universal Studios! It's stupid but 3D things coming at your face is always fun. YAY!

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