The Ring
Review By: Teal Dude

You know, I remember a time when Hollywood released quality horror flicks and thrillers. Those times are gone, and you can't go to a horror flick without saying to yourself, "Man, this movie sucks J-Lo sized ass!" Almost everybody knows the plot so let's just go over the characters.


Rachel is a bitch! Everybody knows that when you watch a disturbing fuck-fest of a video you don't answer the phone after you watch it! They invented this thing a few years ago. It's called a caller I.D. I recommend one to her.


I hate this guy. First of all, he was with Rachel. Anybody who is stupid enough to be with that bitch deserves what's coming to him. Secondly, he could have just punched the possessed girl than let her kill him. I wished the fucknut would have died sooner.

Kid Whose Name I Don't Remember

I hate this bastard! He calls his mom by her first name. If I were Rachel I would have slapped the little bastard to hell, but, due to child abuse laws, you can't do that. Therefore, he's going to keep calling the bitch Rachel. I wish he would have died with that Noah bastard.

I give The Ring an A, for Ass-fuckingly horrible movie! Movies like this are the reason people get cancer. I recently got a tumor removed from my hand, and it started growing the day after I saw this piece of Japanesse-remake trash! I hate the Japanesse. They think there so much better than everyone else.

Well, I hope this will be one of many unfunny reviews for Listen To Me. I'll be damned if this piece of crap makes it to the site.

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