Men In Black II
Review By: Dan the Angry Conservative

The original Men in Black was good, I must admit. It was funny, had lots of suspense, good action sequences, and a very creative plot. Men in Black II had none of that. Steven Sodenberg thought he could make up for that with a bunch of Victoria's Secret model cleavage. Though he makes a valiant effort (them titties is nice), MIB II sucks.

The plot was incoherent. I like to think I'm a pretty smart guy, but that ending... what the fuck? I really can't think of a way to put spoilers in this review other than "there is lots of cleavage."

I'm really getting sick of Will Smith's "I'm a black man" humor. The phrase "I gots blackattude!" is not funny. Yeah, you're black, good for you, you no talent hack. Hey is that Puff Daddy in that movie? No, it's just Will Smith.

"Black Suits Commin" is the song that plays as soon as the credits hit, because you should be rewarded for watching a crappy movie with a crappy song. I would like to change the name of the song to "Black Suits is Crummy" or "Black Shits are Crummy" or "I'm Will Smith, I Have No Talent and My Wife Looks Like a Bull-Dyke."

Lots of reviews were like "hey the dog, the dog is funny!" The dog is not funny, except for one joke when he sings along to the song "Who Let the Dogs Out?" But that joke is ruined because "Who Let the Dogs Out" is playing in the background.

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