Out Cold
Review By: Joe

Damn, Diggy! This movie is gonna rock my pants like a bizzatch on a smarmin' holiday! You see, I know there are some snowboarder terms out there but I do not know what they are and I do not care enough to find out so I will make some up and use them for this review. You will enjoy it! No, I just kid!!

HOLY CRAPS, SKOOLIE! This movie rocked my brains out like a hoarfin' schniffer! I was chuggin' my Dew and shpleeging the slopes when I said "Aw snarks! There is a movie that is really squookin'! Bullocks!" Dibby! Yeh dogz! So then I did go peeps the sheeps and the quackin' was tooooot, jibbah!!! Dagnabbit, Squinky! There's no place like gnome! The most squidgiling parts in this fine flickity-flick were the parts where the blonde chick with the swoobin' jugs jumbalayed that bucking bronco moofy and it was in slow motion, zibba!!! I spleemalated my greefs then!! Also the parts where them sweetie-hos was gonna takes off them toppity-tops because, damnz, hoofy! Dey was sexy llamas!

The other parts was a laugh a FWEEK! Damnz this movie is sho noobin'! It rocks it! I love it like gworf how it is there simply to make cashola, babork! Yeh! Moneyz in the bank, hoafnok!! Go see dis, sucka! You gonna love the fuck! A milestone in filmmaking, me brodysnacks! Yeah! Go shuf a forksnab!!!

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