Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
Review By: Joe

Okay, I know this movie came out about three weeks ago. I actually saw this movie at a sneak preview roughly a week before it came out everywhere. Therefore, I had planned to do a review of it before its big release so people would be able to come here and see a review before all the other competing sites and newspapers because I know people are always checking here first and going "Oh, I know LTM is the best place to go for reviews of stuff that hasn't even come out yet! They are my number one source for entertainment news or some shit like that!" and then, you know, they come here and we don't have the review and they get all sad and shoot themselves in the mouth. It really sucks and I swear a little part of me dies every time it happens.

So, as I said, I had planned to have this review up early in order to prevent the suicide of yet another pimply little loser 12-year old. However, something came up...like me MOVING INTO COLLEGE. So forgive me if this is late. Granted, I really only took one evening to pack and then the next day to move and all that but...the PRESSURE, the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PRESSURE! You can't possibly understand! Anyway, enough bitching, this review is late but you're gonna read it anyway because you're already at this site for Jebus knows why and what else are you gonna do at this site now that you're here? Go read Gringo? HAHAHAHA, Christ, you people crack me up. So we have a review to get to yes?!

When one of the first things you hear is this to start off a movie, you know you're in for an example of fine film at its best. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is the latest offering from filmmaker Kevin Smith, the writer and director of this film along with four others: Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. All these movies have had a few links to each other such as small references, or in-jokes if you will, that carry through from film to film. One more obvious connection that all the movies have shared is the presence of two reoccurring characters, Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith, yes he's also the director and writer! Such talent in only one silent man!).

Jay and Silent Bob are two guys who apparently do nothing but hang around in a couple of places (the local Quick-Stop convenience mart mainly but they've also been known to frequent malls) and sell weed, smoke, dance, rap, and blatantly come on to females (the last two are mostly done by Jay, as Silent Bob more just stands and doesn't talk, what with him being "Silent" and all). Any time you see Jay and Silent Bob show up in a film, you know there will be some immaturity of some kind flying about. Usually they appear in small doses as Kevin Smith is often trying to make some point in his movies or is at least attempting to further the plot and Jay and Silent Bob are really just there for comic relief. So why give them a whole film? Uh, well...to satisfy morons like me and probably himself at the same time.

This film is apparently the last appearance of Jay and Silent Bob we will be lucky to witness as Kevin claims he has decided to cease writing for the characters. Essentially, this movie is like Kevin Smith getting rid of the characters in the most foul way possible...filling an entire movie with them. This is really just his way of having fun and, luckily, it's fucking hilarious.

For some reason, I've always found the abundant immaturity found in Kevin Smith's films a lot funnier than the immaturity in all the latest comedy hits like There's Something About Crappy and American Crap and Meet the Crap. Oh sorry, did I spell those wrong? Well, crap! (secret message: I didn't even see the last one! Shh!!!) I'm not sure but I think it has something to do with the fact that the dialogue in Kevin Smith's movies, juvenile as it is, still manages to be funny. I think this sort of humor can be funnier in many cases than watching some guy fight with a stuffed animal (which has been a big comic hit used in only roughly eighty movies lately) or by having some wacky exchange of bodily fluids take place onscreen. There's something more noble about still being able to carry out verbal jokes and not having to resort to visually shocking the audience. Oh, now I sound like a film critic or some shit. Fuck, what a pretentious asshole I am. Well, all I'm trying to say is that even though it involves a lot of cursing (which some may see as a cop-out or something), Kevin Smith does manage to include wit in his dialogue. It may even involve a mention of someone drinking semen but, hell, at least we don't have to see it onscreen (BUT THAT'S WHAT SELLS, FOLKS!).

Anyway, I should probably focus more on this movie than on Kevin Smith's film career in general because that seems to be what I've been doing. So silly! So anyway, critics have enjoyed some of Mr. Smith's work in the past because he does make interesting points and often fills his films with intellectual dialogue (Seriously, people just stop mid-movie and start having lengthy conversations. It's like a musical except instead of bursting into song, people start talking philosophy.). However, critics have also been bugged by his rampant immaturity. For example, none of them liked Mallrats because it was the immature one that didn't have much of anything to say. Well, they're going to fucking hate this one. As I said, Mallrats was the immature one...up until now. Mallrats actually still had some witty dialogue. This movie is just stupidity but, as I said (at least I think I did), it's genuinely funny stupidity. If you're one of those people who thinks they are mature, you will not like this and you suck (is it me or have I said something like this in every one of my reviews?). Otherwise, this is a fine movie for the WHOLE world to see. Yes, bring the kids too!

You know, I don't like the way this review is coming out at all. I can go back and change it but I happen to be very lazy so I'll probably just end it now. Yeah, I know I didn't talk about the movie much at all. Generally people provide a small synopsis of the film in reviews and there is a plot in this but who feels like bothering with it? Not me, to be sure! Actually, there's a good way I can get out of mentioning it at all. I will just paraphrase what my fat friend said. He said that people need to just take this movie for what it is. Essentially, it's like the wrap party at the end of a film, with everyone joking around and speaking of the fun times they've had during filming except this is like the wrap party for all of Kevin Smith's other films. There are many returning characters (he often uses the same actors from film to film but generally they play different people) and the in-jokes are even more blatant than usual. This movie looks like it was probably fun for the actors (I think they even kept in a slip-up at the end where Jason Lee and Will Ferrel start cracking up but, who knows, maybe it was scripted) and it should be fun for the fans as they'll get all the references and so forth. So, basically, this movie is funny. This movie is good. Go see it. You want a better review, go to Russia. The reviewers are fucking great over there. Fucking great.

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