The Inside Man
Review By: Joe

I have not actually seen the movie The Inside Man and I don't really plan to either! It's a Spike Lee-directed movie (not even a joint!!) but you would not be able to tell from the Hollywood Denzel thriller style that the commercials employ.

I once reviewed the remake of Rollerball with LL Cool J based entirely upon his wonderful catch phrase from the commercial and I will do the same with the The Inside Man.

Actually, I have no opinion on the film either way except I don't really care about Spike Lee and I don't really care about Denzel thrillers (but I liked that one where he got shot in the butt pretty well).

The important thing here is the last shot shown in the TV spots for this movie. It is of Denzel in front of the doors of a bank shouting, "THIS AIN'T NO BANK ROBBERY!"

The line itself is funny in what a standard Denzel Washington thriller line it is (sort of the same feeling I got when I saw the preview for I, Robot where Will Smith said "Aw, hellll no!"), but he's also screaming it at a door. Okay, so maybe there's someone on the other side of that door (in fact if you download the trailer that pretty much gets answered so it's almost better if you don't) but as far as I'm concerned based on the information the commercial is giving me, Denzel is just screaming futilely at a door. He is locked out! Away from his friends! No one is listening, Denzel! NO ONE!

I was so inspired by the commercial I made an account with and made this right here. I believe it took all of five minutes. But I am very proud.

Anyway, yeah, that's it.

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