The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
Review By: Joe

Woah, buddies, listen up! Here is a livejournal-esque entry from me that I think is actually sort of interesting so it's ok with you guys, right? Great! We're all gonna have fun tonight!


I am a dirty film major which means I make dirty films. Tee hee hee. I have a class. We call it AVF47 on the West Side. For the class I am supposed to make a movie. A MOVIE?! SO I DID!

You make the movies with a camera what you WIND UP. Yeah. You gotta WIND them shits UP. You are like "Whaaaat that's crazy do you have Amish cameramen?" But no! That's just the way it is!

Anyway my movie is about dead people. You know, like Weekend at Bernie's. I took my fat friend and I put him in the movie. He's dead in it. See we take my fat friend and we lie him in a bunch of places around my NEW JERSEY town and then other people die too and they go a bunch of places and you are like "What is this movie, already?"

One of my friends plays a hobo in the movie. He played the hobo in another movie my other friend made so we thought that was very funny to do. Or I did anyway. Maybe it was just me.

Anyhow we had to buy him some wine to be a hobo with. So we went to a wine store and I decided I am in love with an older woman who is the lady at the wine store. Because! I said I need wine to use in a movie! Something a hobo would drank up! She said oh okay! How about this wine it is called Vampire wine and it came out for Halloween (HALLOWEEN WAS OVER) and it is from TRANSYLVANIA and it is only EIGHT DOLLARS. Also, it was red.

I said yes that is good.

She said What is movie about!

And I was like lol man lol!

And she was like or should I not axe?!

And I was like no no uhh it is about dead people who move around!

And she goes, get this, oh, like Weekend at Bernie's?

And I was like MAN THAT IS GREAT! She made that connection faster than any other nigga I've met before. I thought that was cool and also she told us to buy the Vampire wine so I love her and I will put her in the special thanks. I don't know her name so I will call her Wine Lady! Or Lady from Wine Store!

Also! I needed people to walk around in front of this movie theater so my actors went inside and asked for me if the employees would come be in it which was awesome because my actors did everything and I didn't have to do anything. It was kind of like this a lot of the time hahahaha.

Anyway, they got me these two employee girls from the theater, one who was kind of cute and I am probably also in love with but didn't get her name or anything else! Anyway, they walked in front of the theater a bunch for me and then I said if you wanna give me your name I can put you in the movie and one girl said that's okay and ran off forever.

I said to the cute girl you wants your name up in it!

She said Sure! Is it a real movie?!

And I said No, it's a student film.

She said Oh...nevermind then.


Oh ahahaha. Join me again for News from the Set Woah! 2

I will tell you more fun stories about my filmadventures you are gonna love these. I fooled you because you thought it was a Spongebob review. Well, maybe next time I will not lie and I will actually use quotation marks instead of being annoying. You keep dreaming, bubby! What? Bubby is a real word? How strange.

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