13 Going on 30
Review By: Tiffany

This is my favorite movie right now! It is the real life story of Jennifer Garland (yes, she IS related to Judy Garland) and her boyfriend Mark Ruffalo. It starts out in the past, the year was 1980...

It was Jennifer Garland's 13th birthday and she had a really bad day for two reasons:

It was picture day and the results of her picture were very sucky, and because her best friends bribed her into doing their homework so they would provide male escorts for her birthday party. The other second reason was because her boyfriend Mark Ruffalo was being too nice to her!

One of the nice things he did was make her this thing with wishing dust on it,and it warped her into the future! BUT instead of being a hideous mutant frog-looking thing with slime instead of hair (I don't know why they made her so ugly) she was her normal Jennifer Garland self! She decided pretty quick to get herself a hockey player boyfriend, and like magic (haha that was a reference to the wishing dust) he appeared in her apartment! She went through the entire film doing things like this. I think in real life they ended up hanging her for witch craft.

Anyway! Another thing she decided on was having a great job, and the movie kind of followed her around at her career. At the end she decided she was in love with her childhood best friend, Mark Ruffalo but he was already engaged at the time! That's when the REAL problems start.

Pretty much all that happens after that is she gets in a car wreck so horrible,doctors claim she will never walk again, sues the hospital for misdiagnosis, and marries Mark Ruffalo.

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