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The picture above is of a tree much like any other, outside a home much like any other, in a street much like any other, in a city much like any other, in a state much like any other, but carrying a message with a difference.

Decent, honest people just like you and Sheriff Gringo have already started the grassroots effort to get him elected as America's next President in 2004.

They're pitching in by making signs, hanging them outside their homes and spreading the word of the campaign that has all the spirit of Ross Perot's run in 1992 but about 75% less fruitiness.

Do the same! For once in your life, show some backbone and come out for a candidate you truly believe in! Just by putting up a sign or poster showing you support Gringo you're helping the nationwide effort.

Anyone who makes their own signs is encouraged to take pictures of them, ideally with them also waving a generic USA flag for exploitation purposes, and send them to the site, where we'll feature the most patriotic of Americans out there.

Alternatively, if you are too fat and lazy to make your own sign or poster, simply e-mail us via the contact page and we'll help out.

Additionally, feel free to send money to the kind hosts of this campaign website, Alternatively, send death threats and hate mail.

Gringo isn't picky.

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