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February 24th, 2004
Bores And Badgers

MADISON, Wisconsin - So Howard Dean, one-time Democrat frontrunner, went a bit simple, shouted at his supporters and after suspending his campaign will now miss out on his party's presidential nomination. Big deal! The real news from the Badger State is that Gringo came, saw and conquered!

On a whistle-stop visit to Wisconsin, the Sheriff mostly kicked a few protesters in the teeth and shook hands with the millions* of supporters who came out to see him. Gringo also had a rare on-the-spot debate following a meet-up with Democratic hopeful John Kerry, which you can see in this non-doctored photograph:

The Sheriff managed to successfully avoid meeting John Edwards, but was unfortunate enough to see Ralph Nader. Yes, that egotistical millionaire, who made his money from corporations, has entered the race for the White House, criticising...egotistical millionaires from made their money from corporations.

Despite the fact no-one's backing him and no-one likes him, Nader wants to be the main third party candidate. Everyone on the Gringo campaign trail knows that won't and can't happen. Independents: know your man! Sheriff Gringo is the one you can trust, and the one who can keep you alive. If you back him.

*May not be an accurate figure

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